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[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Boston - Back Bay: Boylston Street (Aerial) Boston – Back Bay: Boylston Street (Aerial) (Photo credit: wallyg)

Times like these call for some introspection and some explanation. I was born in Boston, and I can see the hospital I was born in when I go out my front door.  I look for it when I leave because it centers me.  Boston is more than my hometown, I’m part of it and it owns me. A friend came to visit from Texas and the more people he met the more surprised he got until finally he declared us all “pod people”.  I guess you can say in some ways Bostonians are all part of the same organism.  Who we are is not always apparent to the outsider.

Boston is known for long, frigid winters that will bite your face off every chance they get. That weather keeps a lot of people from moving here, or staying here for long. That’s fine by Bostonians.  We are gluttons for punishment, and we can take it. When we get a nice stretch of weather, we’re always quick to let our neighbor know we don’t expect it to last and that we are prepared for it to turn. We had an 86 year run of disappointments with the Red Sox, and there was always next year.  When my knees were younger, I’d always run during the hottest part of the day, just because. We are opinionated, and we won’t let the facts get in the way of our opinions.  We don’t candy coat it, we let you know.  If we can be sarcastic, that’s even better.  There’s a lot you can say with a joke to hit home in a way you can’t if you say it seriously.  So our friends understand us, and our acquaintances are learning. Out of staters usually just misunderstand us.  That’s probably the case with yesterday’s bombings on Boylston Street.

Patriots Day is a celebration of the founding Fathers’ triumph over insurmountable odds.  Who would even dare challenge the great British empire, much less take arms against it?  The answer had to be Bostonians. Many people don’t know that the Boston Massacre was started by kids throwing snowballs at British guards.  That’s fighting arrogance with arrogance, and that’s Boston. The NY Yankees are

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