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A friend told me her son was a staunch advocate for women’s rights. She was proud of him, and why not. That ship sailed a long time ago. I told her then her son was a Meminist, or a male-feminist. I googled the term later and found that it actually does exist, and that is one of the meanings. The other stated meaning is a person who believes in fighting for equal privileges of both women and men. If you take the words “fighting for” out of that sentence, I can claim to be a Meminist as well.

It then occurred to me that there should be a term for a female chauvinist as well. So, I invented the term “Fauvinist”. It has no definition I could find online, and no place in the English lexicon to my knowledge. Even the online urban dictionary, known to adopt slang and new terms before formal dictionaries, had no record of it. However, I do believe that “Fauvinists” do exist. So now, if you run into such a person, you can let them know they are a Fauvinist.

So, I’ll define it as –
FAUVINIST DEFINITION: a person who believes in “Fauvinism” believes in the entitlement of women over men. Such a person, a “Fauvinist”, narrowly defines a man’s role and acceptable behavior in society. Of course, most fauvinists will be women, but that does not preclude a man from also being a fauvinist.

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