I have a long way to go to become an amateur photographer. I’ll be posting my interesting photos and learning here as I get better. Under each photo I will append some music relative to the image. – Later Edit: Apparently, the music sampling from Soundcloud is no longer available. I have a lot of new photos to share once I have the bandwidth to do so!

November 29, 2012 ; SUNSET THROUGH THE BRIDGE – Route 84 South, near Nipmuc State Forest ; iPhone 5

This photo taken on the road South from Boston on Rte 84, November 29th just before sunset. The sun was extremely large and low in the sky, practically blinding me every time I got to the top of a hill. It was taken only with an iPhone 5, and  I was fortunate the sun was between the bridge and the road. I won’t tell you who took the photo. Its not National Geographic material, but enlarging it will give you a better idea of the scene.

Under this photo I appended Sunset Through the Bridge, a compilation by DJ Vega, a main dj of the French part of Switzerland.  If I had brought this music with me, the trip would have gone much faster. Remember to magnify the picture 2x …


January 4, 2013 ; RED SKIES AT NIGHT – Looking West from Boston ; iPhone 5

I happened to pull into a parking place right at sunset on Friday, 1/4/13, and was stunned by the Red Sky. Having only my trusty iPhone 5 with me, I took this shot from one of the highest spots just Northwest of Boston. Yes, a better camera would have produced a cleaner image. The dark area in the bottom half of the photo is below me, and the horizon is about at my level. I thought about editing the image for size and showing less of the darkness, but I ended up liking the way the treeline on the left slopes down apparently in sync with a bright line in the clouds. The starkness of the winter trees adds to the apocalyptic feel of the shot, and I think that the one tree in the forefront seems to mock the southwestern cactus.

We had been having some cold days and snow, but the weather was about to turn warmer. This foots to the old mariner’s adage, Red Sky at Night, Sailor’s Delight. I’m sure there were a few fisherman seeing it 10 miles to the east over the Atlantic as they motored into Boston with their catch. I’ve appended an audio file from Soundcloud from what must be a tribute to The Fixx by Franck Pelissier that you can play as you take in the sunset. Magnify it 2x!

RedSky 1-4-13

February 9, 2013 ; BLIZZARD SILVER LINING – Looking SouthWest from Boston ; iPhone 5

Even though the power went out, I enjoyed being out the night of the Blizzard of 2013. The thunder-snow lit up the night like a million flash bulbs. Snowfall of 28 inches was impressive enough, and then the clouds departed rewarding me with this panorama. I suggest you zoom in the view, and listen to the short Soundcloud selection entitled “Blizzard” by Chilidawg – maybe you will hear the Red Hot Chili Peppers influence too.

Blizzard 2013 B