Blog Intent

Welcome to the EdRodPOV blog.  My friends call me Ed Rod, and this blog represents my evolving Points Of View.

It seems to me that most successful blogs are written to either maximize page views for ad revenue, to improve the blogger’s fame / recognition specific to a particular field or talent, or largely just for self interest / fun. The intent of this blog is to mesh the latter two. i.e.,

  1. To increase awareness of my professional value by making contributions of my points of view to Social/Local/Mobile (SOLOMO), new media, start-ups,  corporate initiatives (intra-preneuring), and the economic environments that affect market development.
  2. To publish some fun observations, photos etc. that I create or run across in areas of my interest, again from my points of view.

I rarely prefer quantity over quality, so I’m hoping to virtually synch up with some quality people in areas of professional and personal interest, and let the page views fall where they may. Except for quoted remarks and interviews, these are my own opinions and not affiliated with or endorsed by any other person(s), company, client or organization.  I reserve the right to be proven wrong and change my opinions.

Click on the Expertise tab to find out more about my professional background.

Photo credit: Use of the beautiful photo on the blog header was graciously granted to me by Paul Treseler Photography. It is a shot of the ARC Gloria sailing into Boston Harbor at 4 am on July 2, 2012.  The Gloria is the official flagship of the Colombian Navy, and “ARC” stands for “Armada Nacional de la República de Colombia”.  Paul is an excellent photographer, and I recommend anyone to click on the link to see the picture un-cropped, and view more of his outstanding photography. Feel free to email him via the website.