Define Fauvinist © and Fauvinism ©

December 13, 2014

A friend told me her son was a staunch advocate for women’s rights. She was proud of him, and why not. That ship sailed a long time ago. I told her then her son was a Meminist, or a male-feminist. I googled the term later and found that it actually does exist, and that is one of the meanings. The other stated meaning is a person who believes in fighting for equal privileges of both women and men. If you take the words “fighting for” out of that sentence, I can claim to be a Meminist as well.

It then occurred to me that there should be a term for a female chauvinist as well. So, I invented the term “Fauvinist”. It has no definition I could find online, and no place in the English lexicon to my knowledge. Even the online urban dictionary, known to adopt slang and new terms before formal dictionaries, had no record of it. However, I do believe that “Fauvinists” do exist. So now, if you run into such a person, described below, you can let them know they are a Fauvinist.

So, I’ll define it as –
FAUVINIST DEFINITION: a person who believes in “Fauvinism” believes in the entitlement of women over men. Such a person, a “Fauvinist”, narrowly defines a man’s role and acceptable behavior in society. Of course, most fauvinists will be women, but that does not preclude a man from also being a fauvinist. Examples of fauvinistic thinking would be someone who believes all men should be the sole family breadwinners, all men should be handy around the house, all men must get up early to shovel the snow, to walk the dog or fix the cars, all men should forgo their own preferences in favor of a woman’s desires, and all men should agree with a woman’s views. Oftentimes, a fauvinist will describe her views on men’s roles as a “real man” would do x, or a “real man” would behave in y way. Feminists can also be fauvinists, but this is not mandatory. Fauvinists can also be chauvinists with regard to the perception of their own pre-defined roles and acceptable behavior and thinking in society, but again, this is not mandatory. A chauvinist fauvinist of either gender can also be generally considered to be “old-fashioned” in their thinking.

Also, a derivative term “Fauxvinist” (x added) would have to be someone who pretends to be a fauvinist, but who in actuality does not hold those precepts. A Fauxvinist may behave in a fauvinistic way in order to gain and maintain his/her status among a clique of fauvinists.

So, I hereby claim all rights and priviledges associated with the terms “Fauvinism” and “Fauvinist”, including copywrite, servicemarks and trademarks, and all derivatives of those terms, including but not limited to, singular and plural versions, and such derivatives as fauvinistic and fauxvinst to the extent that I am entitled by law as (potentially) the first person to ever formally introduce the same defined terms in public. Published 12/13/2014 10:10 am

The sooner these terms get into our daily lexicon, the sooner I won’t have to keep correcting my software’s auto-correct function. Who knows, we might have just heard the last domino fall in the women’s rights movement started in the 1960’s.  What would Mark Twain have to say about all of this?